Friday, July 21, 2006

Calling on You

Earth is calling loudly with great waves crashing into Florida.
Earth is sweating salty with Chesapeake crabs moving to New York.
Earth is crying sadly with Western desertification: Trees falling.
Earth is bulging cruelly through weak places:
Haitian mangroves down,
Haiti swept into the sea; Dominican's still standing.
Earth is toasting darkly with wars burned/burning here and there.
Liberia rebuilding war torn children.
That war's over, others are still on.
Earth is calling, crying, bulging, toasting.
You hear all that noise, heat, flames and darkness, don't you?
So, change a light bulb, take a walk, don a sweater.
Use less oil, more sunshine and vote wisely.
Earth will smile with medicine, food, clean water, health and peace,
All thank yous for your gifts of thought and time.
J. S. Shipman

Copyright ©2006 JS Shipman

Dr. Shipman is a research scientist and educator with a passion for helping the public learn how to create a sustainable Earth. Small changes in our lifestyles give us and our descendents clean air, water, green spaces, medicines, health, peace, and the gift of stewardship. Dr. Shipman is founding an organization to assist in achieving these goals. "Dr. J" also asks your support of schools in your area to implement botany in the curriculum. All areas of science and math can be taught using plants and doing so may increase appreciation for the environment.