Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Not tested on animals?

Perhaps it is a pet peeve of mine, but, it seems to make sense: When a product says, "Not tested on animals," that we are the "animals" the product is being tested on. "Dr. J" (c) 2006 J S Shipman

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Gift Ideas that are Science-related:

www.optics Plans.net has an enourmous sale of holiday gifts including both microscopes and telescopes. But the gift ideas do not stop there and you might want to check out this site for year-round gift giving. Try bookmarking it or putting it in your favorites. You may want to return again and again! The exciting thing about a science gift is that you are giving a gift that will keep giving all life long, even after the physical gift has been outgrown because you are giving a way to increase thinking and deepen understanding of the world around us. You are fostering creativity, excitement, discovery. Joy of learning...all while having a good time looking at srtars or microbes or other organisms or minerals or....you name it!

Here's a free coupon offer that may interest you.

Referenced site: OnlineCoupon codes
The site referenced above is updated every day with hundreds of offers which may interest you. The main link to the site is found at http://ncnatural.com/Resources/Coupons/index.html
It is reported that visitors to the site do save money with the coupons. Think about it for yourself. Use that scientific view of the world to evaluate the site for yourself. Other comments that have been made are that the site is easy to use and that you can locate coupons regularly. If you decide to use your e-mail with this site, you might want to use one of your e-mail accounts so that your essential e-mail doesn't get burried, but, that might not be necessary.

It is nice to have coupons from manufacturers that are for things you want and /or need, such as from DELL
or for inkjets

Donations rise at holiday time even though many folks feel broke.

Thank you for contributing to your favorite charities. War always takes a toll on a nation's economy. Please pray for peace. God bless you. "Dr. J"

Edith Fredericks Jones

A thank you to Edith Fredericks Jones for the scholarships she has provided to me and to many others interested in botany and the environment. Thank you!

Why you should know Typha spp.

Cattail plants are often seen on towels and kitchen decanters and placemats...but you might notice fewer of them along the roadways and creek beds. In their place, you might see an invasive plant, like Phragmites (tall waving grass-like fronds) or like loostrife (magenta flowers). But the cattails are part of the environment that belongs here. They clean the waterways and they provide food for many other living things in our environment. Help preserve the native species. "Dr. J"

Friday, December 1, 2006

Celebrate December

1-Happy Birthday, Dad. And, many happy returns.
10-Happy Birthday, Joanie. And many happy returns.