Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Excel ^(TM) in Education

In math and entertainment:
A use of Excel to model Sudoku is presented in a paper available on-line at:

Related papers of interest are found at:


In all subjects and in science:
Dr-J has found that student use of Excel^TM to create indexes of their notebooks (including class and lab notes, as well as homework and handout sheets), enables students to see what is important to both the teacher and to themselves. It enables students to prioritize study time while customizing their own learning toward their own interests and value systems. Indexing also helps students link concepts they are studying, teaches job skills (computer and organizational). Familiarity with a spreadsheet program in this way encourages students to see how the same spreadsheet can be used to create tables, analyze laboratory data, and see how skills in science class are transferable to other subjects.

Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft.

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