Thursday, May 6, 2010

Something you can do about the oil spill and preventing some of the environmental damage that can result from oil spills:

So many times I've seen students who have been discouraged about environmental issues. They haven't realized that each of them can do many things to improve the environment. People are very resourceful in solving problems. I believe that is the message to convey to students. Using the HOT Skills Wheel TM brings students through several levels of critical thinking (Contact me to arrange training for faculty and students on the HOT Skills Wheel TM.) Problem solving results from using higher order thinking skills and then taking action. Here are some links to get you started in solving one global crisis: the current oil spill. Having such deep-thinking skills, the HOT Skills, and knowing that each of us can take action in solving global problems gives hope for achieving both sustainability and a peaceful World.

Here's a video about using human hair to prevent damage from oil spills:

Here's a link to the organization that you can contact for more information:

Use Reach Reading TM (Workshop Inquiries) and come up with research to back up other decisions about what you can do to help the environment. You might also want to look at the book Mycelium Running for ideas on not only cleaning up oil, but, also cleaning water before it is returned to the environment.

The current oil spill gives students the opportunity to understand the relevancy of their science education. It helps them understand why Reach Reading TM, science literacy, and science education are so important to their abilities to solve and prevent global problems. I challenge you to empower your students. Show them they can use their skills to take positive action to solve problems, even those of a global nature. We can show them the resiliency of the human spirit and give them pathways to solve and prevent future global problems. We can help them achieve sustainability and peace if we give them the science literacy and higher order thinking skills (HOT Skills)


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