Monday, March 21, 2011

Here are Links to Images and Information on Some of the Sights I was able to see at the Winter Star Party Astronomy Conference 2011

I cannot convey the excitement of seeing the stars the way they appear from the WSP. I linked to images and information found on the web because these links can give you more of a feel for what I was able to see first-hand. (Sombrero Galaxy) (Omega Centauri)
Watching this large, luminous star cluster together with Al and Judi Nagler was an extra special treat. You capture their enthusiasm. (Pleides) (Eskimo Nebula)
Compare my avatar to the Eskimo Nebula.
J S Shipman

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Did the comparison make you smile? (Southern Cross)
This was only the third and fourth times in my life I was able to see the Southern Cross. (Orion nebula) (The Ghost of Jupiter) (Hubble's Variable Nebula)

M82, M83

...among others.

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