Friday, July 18, 2008

A Program of Assisted Migration—selectively moving Certain Species to New Locations better suited to their Survival

Here's a topic to think about. Use higher order thinking skills, stepping through the six levels as you explore this topic. Write about what you find out. Don't forget to cite your sources.

Source: In the news---Today (left hand column)


Connie Barlow said...

The first assisted migration of an endangered plant was undertaken by a small group of citizen activists on July 30, 2008. Torreya Guardians migrated 31 seedlings of the highly endangered "Florida" torreya tree into the mountains of North Carolina, onto private properties. Google Torreya Guardians to view a photo-essay of this historic event in conservation biology. (Post by Connie Barlow, founder of Torreya Guardians and author or the 2001 "The Ghosts of Evolution" (Basic Books).)

Dr-J said...

Thanks, Connie Barlow.