Wednesday, September 2, 2009

From Astronaut to Artist: Conveying Science--- and Commentary- through Art

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Every child growing up when I did seemed to want to be an astronaut. As people landed on the moon, our eyes were glued to television, watching, waiting...You could hear a pin drop!

You can imagine my excitement in having a chance, at Stellafane (2009), to meet and speak to Alan Bean, fourth astronaut on the moon. What a profound effect his words and perspective had on me. Beyond landing on the moon, there is the man that knows how good it is to have changing weather patterns on Earth, "I never complain about the weather now." (How do you think a trip to the moon would change your idea of weather?) Beyond landing on the moon, there is a man whose life continued to grow and develop.

Alan Bean is now a role model for people to continue developing rather than sticking to our past glories. Sure, he landed on the moon (and we were college sports heroes, or, whatever other accomplishments we did...), but what about now? What is he (you and I) doing now?

Alan Bean has taken up a passion started in his youth but that he is now developing. He is an artist now. He was an astronaut, let's not take anything away from that for it is an accomplishment few can claim. Now, however, he is conveying through art, the science and emotions, hopes and dreams emerging from his lunar experiences. He states, "[He] is an artist."

We can learn from Alan Bean to keep our minds active and develop new passions. Through Alan Bean's art, we can share his lunar experiences and dream of strong science programs again. Through his art, we can gain an understanding of the value of fellow humans. Through his art, we can learn more about the person who is Alan Bean.

Thank you Alan for expanding our vision. Thank you for sharing in such an approachable way. Thank you for your humble attitude. I have learned so much from you.


Note: NASA Videos here.

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