Monday, April 5, 2010

Venting-Arctic Style: Another opportunity to use Reach Reading TM

Today's In the News links to:

Here is the quote and image from, In the News (Quoted here because it disappears from the left hand column... to make room for new news... tomorrow.):

"Methane Leaking from Arctic Shelf

"Methane trapped in the Arctic Ocean's permafrost is leaking into the atmosphere at an alarming rate. Scientists say the amount of methane currently seeping out of the East Siberian Arctic Shelf is equal to the annual total previously estimated from all of the world's oceans. Methane concentrations in the Arctic are at their highest levels in 400,000 years. Experts are divided on what this means for the environment, but some worry that it could worsen global warming."

Can you bridge this up to the journal articles with Reach Reading TM? Give it a try.

Update April 8, 2010:
Okay, so what did you find? Did you do a literature search on line?
Here's something I found...
"Global warming is bringing rapid change to the Arctic. The melting of sea ice and glaciers is increasing faster than scientists predicted even a year ago. Environmental change is forcing legal and economic developments, which in turn will have serious environmental and social consequences," (Source: Accessed April 8, 2010).

Does this article fit the topic? Should we keep looking?

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