Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Peace and Science

Here is a song about peace that you can listen to while you reflect on science and peace. More songs follow if you want to reflect longer.


Scientists working in botany (including plant science, plant pathology, plant genetics, plant physiology, field botany, and so on) and agriculture help feed the world. Does feeding the world promote peace?

What about water production?

Energy production?

Why is it important to study science?

How can your science study promote peace?

Do you know the story of sugar production? Do you know one chemist saved so many people from burns during sugar production. You could be one person saving lives, too. Does saving lives promote peace?

How does war affect the environment?

Listen, enjoy, reflect. Peace be unto you, and you, and you...Peace to all of us. Where have all the flowers gone, anyway?

Thanks, Pete.

Do we need to hear it again?

Thanks, Joan.

Peace is up to each of us. Use your science for peace. Sustainability takes peace.

and again?

Peter, Paul and Mary bring us more...


Start swimming...The times are changing. We can bring peace. Sustainability takes peace.

(c) 2010 J S Shipman

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