Friday, September 17, 2010

Today's In the News is on Hand-Washing...

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Think about your hand-washing habits. Are you washing your hands more often? Do you know how antibacterial soaps and detergents create super germs?

Do you know plain old-fashioned bar soap kills some of the super germs better than the alcohol foam type cleaners? Did you go to the CDC Website?

Check out an earlier post on some related information:

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In the News:
More Americans Washing Their Hands
Researchers who secretly spied on more than 6,000 adults using public restrooms in several major US cities say that more Americans are now washing their hands after using the bathroom. While combing their hair and pretending to apply makeup, these "spies" observed 85 percent of public restroom users washing their hands, an 8 percent increase from a 2007 survey and the highest recorded rate since these surveys began in 1996. Men lagged behind women, with 23 percent neglecting to wash their hands as compared to just 7 percent. More .

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