Saturday, September 13, 2008

Here's a Look at a Primary Source Article

Here's a look at a primary source article (related to the September 10th post) via a link. If you can't get a direct link by clicking, your librarian can likely help you get a copy via interlibrary loan, or, you can try the library at a nearby college. Please follow the rules for the links. For example, the patient link is not to be used for educational purposes. It is only for patients. The Medical link does have a 30 day free trial today. Your institution may have access to these or other on-line refereed journal article access.

The genetic response to short-term interventions affecting cardiovascular function: Rationale and design of the Heredity and Phenotype Intervention (HAPI) Heart Study

Here's an activity to try: Draw two interlocking circles for a Venn diagram. Then lable one as Primary source and one as a story about science (or a secondary source). Use the Venn diagram to help you compare and contrast the two articles.

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