Monday, September 22, 2008

More Higher Order Thinking Links

  1. Dan Montano added "higher-order-thinking" to Wiki

  2. Visit Gifted Education 2.0
  3. Graphic Organizers---Video Welcome to Teachers At Risk
Elona Hartjes

(Click the "Graphic Organizers" link above, scroll down to the green video box, just above "Crowd") By the way, you may find the rest of the Elona Hartjes' Teachers at Risk page has useful information, too.
  1. A video resource: Animoto Future link
  2. Use "rich media" to engage and evaluate students' higher-order thinking
  3. Andrew Churches: Digital World meets Higher Order Thinking
  4. Higher Order Thinking Workshop a Success2008년 7월 28일 Dr-J이(가) 작성
  5. Higher Order Thinking and Multiple Intelligences
The higher order thinking skills lead to students becoming good global citizens. No matter what country someone is from, he or she can look at data, and using his or her background knowledge, family's value system, and world view, evaluate the data and make informed judgments. It is likely if we all increase our higher order thinking processes we can contribute to World peace. Higher order thinking can lead to sustainability and to solving or lessening problems such as hunger, global warming, energy usage.

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Elona Hartjes said...

Thank you so much for linking to my blog- I hope people will find something useful to take away with them.