Monday, September 29, 2008

My Father planted a Forest

My Father planted a Forest
When my father was young, 4-H friends of his got several young trees (He recalls, "one or two thousand...") to plant.
They were twig-like. At first they dug very slowly and tucked each tree into the ground gingerly. But, they had only one day to plant the trees. The boys that signed-up for the tree project didn't get very far, so the 4-H leader got my dad and some other 4-Hers involved. Someone came up with the idea of using a broad pick-axe to dig one hole after another and then a kind of assembly line planting occurred....Dig, lift, put in the twig, stomp the ground on top, repeat. Today, there stands a magnificent forest in Hamptonburgh, New York (Near Campbell Hall...) that is a result of this 4-H project. I think we will go and look at the forest again soon.

You, too, can save the environment and plant a forest...
Join 4-H or be a 4-H leader. 4-H is a national organization that works with similar groups in other countries. Originally 4-H was mostly farm youth, but now it has membership encompassing farm, sub-urban, and urban youth, too. There are many projects on computers, science, engineering, nutrition, home economics, wood-working, environment, and more. 4-H is well worth checking out.

I came across the following video and it reminded me of the above story and of my own adventures in 4-H. The video is more, "art," than, "science," yet, it triggered me to write this post. I hope the post encourages you to plant or care for a forest.

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