Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I am fascinated with how Kepler's mind worked. I am interested in how he thought because I wonder if I can think that way. I think about the math he knew and how he figured things out.

One part of science literacy and science education is figuring out how we, ourselves, think. Understanding math and formulas can help us with science and understanding science.

Learn about Kepler, then, reflect on how you learn. Do you think you have similarities to Kepler? Differences? What do you like that you have learned about Kepler. When you finish your Kepler study, pick another scientist and see how she or he thinks. Have fun learning about your own learning and thinking styles.

Now, here's the first movie:

On Kepler--- in Spanish:



Even though these videos are in different languages, the science speaks to us, I believe. What do you think?

I would like to encourage more international discussion and comments. Please e-mail me in your own language and if possible include an English translation.

Here is a related blog in Italian: http://www.keplero.org/ from Amedeo Balbi, Dipartimento di Fisica, Università Tor Vergata, Via della Ricerca Scientifica, 1, 00133 Roma (I). Tel: (+39) 06 7259 4717, Fax: (+39) 06 2023 507 amedeo.balbi@roma2.infn.it

Here is a biography of Kepler:
with a Spanish translation:

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