Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Science in an economic downturn...

Here's a quote from the USGS concerning funding of a long term project of data collection on NYS waterways:

NOTICE (Revised 10/01/2009) --Data collection at the following streamgages may be discontinued due to funding reductions from partner agencies. Although historic data will remain accessible, no new data will be collected unless one or more new funding partners are found. Users who can contribute funding for the non-Federal share of costs to continue operation of these streamgages should contact Ward Freeman, Acting Director of the USGS New York Water Science Center (518-285-5658 or Source: Accessed 12-30-09.

Add notices of short funding in your area in the comments below.

Remember, too, that scientists need money to travel.

I would like to present my research in Australia in 2011.

It would be great if scientists from other continents could get money to come to the conferences here. For example, I would like to bring one of the researchers associated with Plants Cafe to the botany meetings this year.

Find scientists in your location, or, around the globe, and support them. Support research in areas you feel it is needed. Support science literacy and science education. Thank you.

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