Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What did we see?

Kecksburg UFO incident

Science literacy involves finding facts in what you read. It involves inference...reading between the lines.

Today's left sidebar talked about the Kecksburg UFO incident.

Around that same time, in New York State, there were many, "UFO," citings that people saw and reported. At that time, the reports brushed them off. My mother saw some and called us out (so there were 5 of us watching). Big orange and green balls of light and a silver disc. She went in and called the local radio station, WALL. The radio man was acting like my mom was crazy, so, my dad got on the phone,"Look out the window." The radio announcer's mouth must have dropped open. All you could hear was a gasp and silence for several minutes. When he came around, he apologized to my mother.

Shortly thereafter, the government reports came out saying, essentially, no one saw anything. "Yeah, right!"

How should we evaluate what we read? Having these experiences surely would make one skeptical of the reports. Still, what would you believe?

Science literacy involves fact gathering and a knowledge base so you can form opinions based on what you read and have a place to latch onto the new ideas in your brain.

Here is a video to start one thinking, but, you need to search more.

And another...

More ideas:
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