Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Business and Science Overlap is a link on, "BPM". BPM is new tech talk for Business Performance Management. If you look over the article introducing BPM, you might see some ways that the ideas presented can be used in science industries such as alternative medicine, medicine, scientific instrumentation, pharmaceuticals, and others.

Once in a while, reading outside a narrow science field can bring new insight to the science field itself. Take a look and then jot down any ideas that come to mind related to the science that you typically do.

Even research fields can be turned into businesses. Sometimes we do not think as business people, and, indeed, it is good for us to think as scientists. But, not all students will be scientists. Some will be in business. It is good to let them think about how and where science and business overlap. Innovation can result.

(c)2010 J S Shipman

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