Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolution: Don't neglect Plants!

There is “a recognized tendency, even for knowledgeable biologists, to overlook, underemphasize or neglect plants when teaching introductory biology courses.”35 Too often, biology is “botany taught by a zoologist,” leaving students with “the popular delusion that biology is the study of animals.”29 This results in widespread ignorance about and underappreciation of plants.3,4,10,14,33,36
Source: Accessed January 1, 2010
Plants provide excellent examples and experimental subjects for all the life science standards (NSES p. 106) Source: Accessed January 1, 2010

Plant blindness can be costly. What values do plants bring to us? That is a good question to ask ourselves and our students. Try to make your own list, then, check out the following and other pages on the web. Visit your local botanic garden for more ideas. Don't forget the virtual Plants Cafe (here or top left of this blog for the link).

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Happy, healthy, blessed, and, prosperous New Year.

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