Monday, August 16, 2010

Spelunking and Science

What do you think of when you think of caves?

I think of Luray caverns and the stalagtite organ there.

Did you know you could study micro organisms in caves? Here is an introductory quote about that. Go to the link for more information.

Dr. Gsell, an associate professor of microbiology, shows a visitor digital photos of a recent trip. The microbe hunters,Gsell, Timothy dressed in hard hats and caving gear, wind their way through tight spaces while looking for water and sediment sample.

Accessed August 16, 2010.

Here is a quote and links to another place to find out about spelunking:

Let's go spelunking

Science World, Nov 1, 2004

Name: --

In "Slime Hunters" (p. 18), you read about Dr. Diana Northup's journey into Cueva de Villa Luz in southeastern Mexico. Suppose you were her research assistant, and you follow her to Lechuguilla, a cave in New Mexico's Guadalupe Mountains. Your duty: Go inside the Cave Entrance (see box, below), and explore the different sections to complete your Field Journal (below).


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