Saturday, June 16, 2012

Botanical Society of America Meetings in Saint Louis: Patterns of Internet Use on the Science Education and Science Literacy Website: read-about-it.

Patterns of Internet Use on the Science Education and Science Literacy Website:
Science education plays a role in effective, "Healing of the Planet." People "wired or wireless," to the internet, are reachable by science educators. Gathering data on this use informs our e-teaching.
Developing/improving e-teaching needs data: how we use internet science sources. Data from 2004-2010 of internet use and reaction to the science literacy and education website, are analyzed . Data presented will include: Countries of people frequenting the site, outreach links used most often, popular topics, and how botany topics compare to other topics.
Since science outreach programs are available from numerous sources, including, but not limited to, the Botanical Society of America, NASA, and Plants Cafe, the site links users to these and other outreach sites. In addition, it provides discussions and tools both to encourage informal science education, botany and other sciences in the curriculum, science literacy. Such tools, provided here conveniently, foster a knowledgeable public that can act wisely to prevent/alleviate environmental problems.


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