Saturday, June 16, 2012

Portal to Plant Videos  Examples follow, but there are more.

Ask students to describe what is happening in this film.

What is a callus?  After this film, your students will have a good idea.  Let them think about how callus tissue can be used in industry.  Do they think they could grow some callus tissue from a carrot?  Why or why not?

Kenaf Callus Hoedown

Have you just covered  flower structure?  Show how that information is used in the real world.  Also, this film could be used before students design science fair projects (There are mentors at the Botanical Society of America to assist with plant projects).  This film could get students thinking deeply about how science is used to benefit society.

Pollination in Solanum (Tomatoes and Potatoes)

Are you studying cell parts?  Here is a film and song on the Golgi apparatus.  Perhaps your students could create films and songs about other cell parts.


Many more available...

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