Saturday, June 16, 2012

RSA Animate

Under development:
Manual Lima speaks on 
The Power of Network Visualization 
to help navigate 
our Complex Modern World
Accessed:  June 15, 2012.

Animation helps people visualize lectures.  Watch this video and see how much you can remember.

Here's Changing Education Paradigms 

 adapted from a talk given at the RSA                   

by Sir Ken Robinson        

Here's WHERE GOOD IDEAS COME FROM by Steven Johnson.

Relate the content of these videos:
  • to things you are learning in science this year, 
  • to ways you think and learn, or 
  • compare and contrast their ideas to your own ideas.  
  • Look at other posts on science and animation.  
  • Think about a science concept you would like to animate.   
  • Try your hand at the animation competition.

Here is a link to information on animation competitions:  If the link gets broken for any reason, just search for, "animation competitions," and look over your choices.

RSA animate videos used with creative commons.  RSA Events and the speaker(s) are credited;
The RSA website ( is published together with a copy of this policy statement in a prominent position;  The file is not altered and is used in full (the use of extracts under existing fair usage rights is not affected by this condition);  The work is not resold or used for commercial purposes;
A copy of the work or link to its use online is emailed to the RSA Events team.
Find out more:  open access licence..


Additional Reading
On Sir Ken Robinson's work:

non-RSA text (c) 2012 J S Shipman

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