Monday, December 17, 2007

TGA Ter [end]

What does the genetic code have in common with your phone number? Well, the title of this blog post might give you an idea. Say your phone number was 617-000-0000 (fake number). If you put an extra number, say 2, for example, into your phone number, what would happen?

261-700-00000 Wrong number
621-700-00000 Wrong number
612-700-00000 Wrong number
617-200-00000 Wrong number
617-020-00000 Wrong number
617-002-00000 Wrong number
617-000-20000 Wrong number
617-000-02000 Wrong number
617-000-00200 Wrong number
617-000-00020 Wrong number
617-000-00002 Connection

Out of all the possible numbers resulting from adding an extra, "2," only one results in a connection to you.

A simplification of the genetic code can help you understand what happens or can happen, when the code is disrupted. Think about this for a while. I'll come back and add some more. Remember to use the title for a clue: TGA Ter [end].

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