Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Winning Essays by Young People

Here are some essays written by young people in response to a contest. I came across them when researching the previous post on the Ada Hayden Herbarium. One of the essays is on Ada Hayden.

Ada Hayden and other Winning Essays

Here's an excerpt on Ada Hayden:
Thirty years later her work was cited when the first comprehensive integrated roadside vegetation management programs began. Ada described the diversity of species comprising health prairies. Ada viewed native prairies as valuable, living scientific laboratories, where soil types, endangered species, and wildlife management could be studied. Ada’s devotion to the conservation of Iowa prairies is now being recognized and used in Iowa, as it is part of our heritage.
Ariel Sinclair

Can you write an essay?

Here's a link to the 2008 contest.
  • If you are not an Iowa resident, your state may have a similar contest. Check with the Governor's Office, or write your essay just for fun and try to get it published.

  • You might even design a web page that includes your essay. (Learn about copyright and copyright your material.) Post a link to your web page here in the comments (Under the post, click where it says, "comments." You can also post your essay in the comments.)


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