Monday, December 17, 2007

Words are added each day, but, they change on archived posts.

Word of the Day: Words are added to this blog each day, but, they change on archived posts. Today's word is a science word, so I've added it here, in the posts, so that we can look at it again in the archived versions and still see what the word is. I've also added questions for a discussion and writing exercise about the word. You might like to keep a notebook or a spreadsheet or data base file about your words. I do this for new vocabulary I want to remember and for words I like to use. I then use the file in many way to enhance my own vocabulary development.

Today's word is, "ecesis."

It is said, "Eh-see-ses" and rhymes with , "yes," and the "c" sounds like and "s." "Ecesis," means, "The successful establishment of a plant or animal species in a habitat." A synonym is, "establishment. "A sample sentence is: "The ecologists were especially interested in ensuring the ecesis of the endangered species in the wildlife refuge."

  1. Can you think of other words with similar word parts?

  2. Can you write three new sentences where you use the word correctly?

  3. Did you know this word, "ecesis," before?

  4. Will you remember it now?

  5. How does building your vocabulary help you learn more science?

Other words:

12-17-07 petrous, stonelike

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