Friday, August 15, 2008

Marshes and Tidal Flats: Spartina and Saltwater Survival

Plants and the Circle of Life

Spartina alterniflora, and related topics mentioned in the video, can be studied at various levels of higher order thinking. The video is packed with information. What knowledge can you gain from it? Take notes Cornell Style while you watch the video. You might want to add definitions, for example , for, producer, photosynthesis, and others that you feel are important. Note-taking and defining words are part of the "knowledge" level of higher order thinking.

Making a summary of the video or paraphrasing its key points is moving up to comprehension. How about application? Can what you heard be applied? How?

As you continue using H.O.T. Skills (higher order thinking skills), you might want to learn more. I've added some references on Spartina alterniflora to assist you. These include journal articles and web sites and references to journal articles. Feel confident and use "Reach reading," to attack them. There might be a lot of words you don't know. But, just like when you learned to walk or climb stairs, you can learn the skills necessary to read these articles and absorb them. It might take time, but, you can become and expert after three to five articles. But, even if you only get the gist of one of them, you are still increasing your reading ability and should congratulate yourself. (Remember, science fair winners usually use journal articles.)

Reading research on the marsh grass can increase the knowledge base and make easier higher order thinking like analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. You might use your new knowledge to solve world problems in energy, or, hunger, for example. Good luck and happy discovery!

Additional reading for your pleasure:

Photosynthesis and Nitrogen Fixation in Marsh Grass

Photosynthesis and root growth in Spartina alterniflora in relation to root zone aeration Pezeshki S.R. 1 Photosynthetica, Volume 34, Number 1, 1997 , pp. 107-114(8) Springer

Biomass Production

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