Friday, August 15, 2008

Animate your Science Ideas

Sometimes students learn by drawing, or, they focus that way. There notebooks are full of sketches. Channeling that artistic energy and simultaneously teaching something new in both art and science can be done through animation.

Students (and teacher/mentors) can pick a science standard from what you are learning during the year, and, then animate a film about it. There are some websites about animation to give you an idea of how animation is done. But, you can do animation with a flip book if you don't have computer access for everyone. Clay has also been used, as presented in "Botany Beat," linked here.

A website for animation concepts using stick figures is:

Some reference information can be found at:



Amino Acids

Cell Surface Receptors

DNA and Chromosomes

Gene expression for Deacetylation

Metaphase Histones (DNA Proteins)

A website for adults who want an idea of what is possible with computer animation (but, check it out first, parents may not want this for all ages of children. It is a showcase of animation from Algonquin College):

Another website, an advertisement for a school, also requiring parent or guardian checking, can be found by googling: Very Cool 3D Medical Animation. Some medical images are not suitable for all ages, however, this video can point to a career for some.

Happy animating!

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