Saturday, August 23, 2008

Field Trip up Mount Fuji

"I had a good excursion to halfway up or 5th step
(2,400m above sea level) of Mt. Fuji (3,700m above
sea level) in order to watch alpine wild flowers
together with 16 members of the society of KATSURA
on August 21, 2008 by bus. you can see a photograph
of them in an attached file.

"We had very fine weather around Mt.Fuji on August
21, 2008. You can see photographs of far Mt. Fuji
and close Mt. Fuji in the attached files [Please click links below.].

"We watched 30 species of alpine wild flowers.
Especially, I will show you the photograph
of Monotropa hypopithys L in an attached file[Please click links below. ]."


Far Mt. Fuji

Close Mt.Fuji

Members of KATSURA

Respectfully submitted,

The Society of Practical Education in Biology
Saitoh Institute for Biology Education

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