Sunday, August 17, 2008


One kingdom of organisms that not many people think of as beneficial is the Kingdom Fungi. But fungi provide many more benefits than just gourmet mushrooms. Reflect on all the benefits of organisms in the Fungal Kingdom. You might want to try cultivating mushrooms.

To get you started in the wonderful world of fungi, here is a link to the International Mycology Association <> Find events on their calendar.

More information can be found at this link to the Mycological Society of America,

Find the African Mycological Association at, and,

the British Mycological Society is located at

and, h
ere is a link to Fungi Perfecti (Registered trademark of Fungi Perfecti LLC PO Box 7634 • Olympia, WA 98507 • USA (US & Canada): 800 780 9126 Phone: 360 426 9292 • Fax: 360 426 9377 email:

Cultivation Tools
Mushroom Cultivation

Tools for Hobbyists
& Professionals

If you are aware of other great links on fungi and mushroom cultivation, please add them in the comments section. Feel free to post your reflections, too, by clicking comments.

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Dr-J said...

David Moore of the British Mycological Society and the University of Manchester faculty recommended a link, which you can also access via the "Try these links," column of this blog as, "Fungi: Great school activities." Here it is: