Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An exercise in comparison and contrast.

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Bird's nest fungi have interesting spore dispersal mechanisms. These organisms are found among those in the Kingdom Fungi.

Jewelweed are found among organisms in the Kindom Plantae (Plants). These flowering plants have interesting seed dispersal.

It might be an interesting exercise to do a comparison and contrast of these two organisms. That would involve telling differences between the two kingdoms and between the dispersal mechanisms and the features of the organisms themselves.

This comparison and contrast could be done with an essay, a chart or a Venn diagram.

Additional sources of information

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Bird's Nest Fungi OF FUNGAL SPORES.pdf

Now for this link, remember that fungi are not considered plants any longer. Fungi are in their own kingdom. Still, there is other good information.

Seed Dispersal in Jewelweed and Other Plants

Comparison and contrast is important to science. Consider the case of the, "control." Read about: Control, Kontrollieren and Compare

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