Friday, October 24, 2008

On Watson: News from Mitsuo Saitoh in Japan

The day before yesterday, I attended the lecture
of famous biologist, Dr. James D. Watson at the
University of Tokyo on Oct, 22,2008.
Sincerely yours,
Mitsuo Saitoh
NINS International Forum on Molecular Biology
Dr. James D. Watoson and Dr. Joan A. Steitz
Organizer: National Institute of Natural Science
James D. Watson
Joan A. Steitz

"Lupus, Snurps and the Expanding Universe of Small
RNAs" by Dr. Joan A. Steiz (Professor of Molecular
Biophysics and Biochemistry, Yale University)

"Personal Overview of My Life up through Sequencing
My Genome" by Dr. James Watson (Chancellor Emeritus
of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)

The Lecture of Dr. James D. Watson,
(1) Learning how to do science at Indiana University.
Indiana Univiersity
(2)Finding the Double Helix with Francis Crick at
Cambridge Univeristy.
Francis Crick
Double Helix
Rosalind Elsie Franklin
University of Cambridge
(3)Working with graduate students at Harvard Univiersity
to learn how proteins are made on ribosome.
Harvard University
(4)Transforming my Harvard lectures to undergraduates
into The Molecular Biology of Genetics.
Molecular Biology of the Gene
(5)Creating a non-fiction novel about how science and
personal titles came together to reveal the Double Helix.
(6)Preserving the essence of Cold spring Harbor Laboratory
through making it a power house for cancer research.
- A turning point in CAncer Research sequecing the Human
Genome by Renato Dulbecco -
(7)Getting the Human Genome project started.
(8)Broading CSHL through education innovation.
(9)Following Judah Folkman to make cancer without disease.
(10)Using High throu-out, low cost Genomes to understand
psychiatric disease.
The Society of Practical Education in Biology
Saitoh Institute for Biology Education

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