Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Metal [and other] molecules main concept of Paris Festival in November

Science Days this November (2008) will feature ideas about metals. Check the link here for more information:

For example, "Organometallic chemistry of transition metal used for life sciences," might sound like a mouthful, but researchers will be on hand to explain it, in terms simple or complex, depending on the needs of the listener. The École nationale superieure de chimie de Paris's Laboratoire de Chimie et biochimie des complexes moléculaires:,, will present ideas from their research.

However, such complicated ideas of complex molecules will be presented in an easily understandable format and with enjoyable family activities, for all ages, as found on the festival's program including:
  1. cuisine[ cuisine],
  2. molécules en bonbon [molecules of candy],
  3. secrets de chefs [chefs' secrets] ...),
  4. alliage à mémoire de forme [Shape memory of alloys],
  5. piles à combustibles [combustible batteries],
  6. corrosion [corrosion, rust]...
  7. une exposition présentera quelques grands chercheurs européens. [An exposition of presentations of some great European researchers]
  8. des animations pour les jeunes : [cartoons(?) for youth]
  9. un coin pour les enfants, [infants' corner]
  10. de la magie, [magic]
  11. des jeux sur les couleurs [a game of colors]…
So if you are in Paris, or near by, for

Fête de la Science, samedi 22 et dimanche 23 novembre 2008

don't miss this exciting science festival.

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