Friday, October 3, 2008

K-12, year 5..Making sense of levels across borders

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Many people from outside the United States have asked about K-12: Kindergarten through 12th grade. Those queries has prompted this post.

  • pre-K and nursery school in the United States are usually for before age 5.
  • K is for Kindergarten... around age 5.
  • 1-6 is primary school...but, 1-3 make-up Lower School, while, 4-6, is Upper School
  • 7-8 is Junior High...but, 4,5,6,7 is Middle School
  • 9-12 is Senior High School, but 4-12 is Middle-High School
  • Exams include the PSAT and SAT
  • Prep school gets one ready for college (or University)
  • Community College is usually a 2-year school, but college is used to refer to colleges and universities... We often say, "college," for what a European would call, "University."
  • After 4 years of college (=university) comes graduate school..but you need the GRE's before that or MCAT's or other professional exams...

Now, in the USA, people often ask what Year 5 is, or
Gymnasium (France), Baccalaureate (spelling? ... Morocco).

KS4 and higher KS3 level students (in the UK)

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