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Anser fabalis, "The Bean Goose," "Гуменник ," "oie des moissons," (A Case Study in What Information can be found on the internet)

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People at the Asian Association for Biology Education Conference mentioned in the previous post were watching birds...They were watching the Bean Goose (Anser fabalis), among watching other exciting organisms, doing science activities, and meeting with other biology educators. So, I thought we could look and see how just an idea, like the Bean Goose, can lead to some internet research. Wiki provides a starting point for many students, so let's look at that and then go beyond., or,

There's a picture and quite a bit of information, but, what else can you find? How do you look? Think of the search as a treasure hunt. Try some searches yourself.

Ooooh! You tube the goose:
Thank you for posting this, I'd like to give you credit but can't read your language (but, some of our readers can, so I'll quote the information found at the url):
marcinro January 13, 2007
Gęś zbożowa (Bean Goose) i dwie młode gęsi biał...Gęś zbożowa (Bean Goose) i dwie młode gęsi białoczelne (White-fronted Goose) widziane w Gdańsku. Category: Pets & Animals Tags: Anser fabalis albifrons gęś zbożowa białoczelna gęsi Bean Goose White-fronted Saatgans Blässgans Gänse

Bird Life fact sheet:

Discover Life:

ITIS (more data) with links to experts, Alan Peterson and Richard Banks:

Then, Ah ha...Tree of Life...Pictures

Encyclopedia of Life (to which you can contribute...):

A peaceful photo:

A free stock photo:

Now, let's get technical...Step up the level (Just like playing video games, moving to the higher and higher levels is a game in itself (for young and old scientists alike).) Let's try the refereed journal articles. Can you find something in them? Here are some links to articles. Are these articles, "refereed?"

Here's one...Oh, Bean Goose and, Hmmmmm! The journal is not, "Plant blind:"
The Bean Goose and Winter Wheat: (Using:> Bean Goose and Winter Wheat Here's the information:
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Copyright © 1995 Published by Elsevier Science B.V.

Effect of bean geese (Anser fabalis) grazing on winter wheat during migration stopover in southern Sweden

Elenore Wallina and Per Milbergb, Corresponding Author Contact Information

a Agricultural Society of Östergötland, Box 275, S-581 02, Linköping, Sweden

b Department of Crop Production Science, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Box 7043, S-750 07, Uppsala, Sweden

Accepted 21 December 1994. ;
Available online 5 April 2000.
Another journal article is on Bean Goose tongues: (See below for title, author, and citation.) Here's the information:

Anat Rec. 1997 Feb;247(2):149-63.Click here to read Links

Ultrastructural study of the keratinization of the dorsal epithelium of the tongue of Middendorff's bean goose, Anser fabalis middendorffii (Anseres, Antidae).

Department of Histology, Nippon Dental University School of Dentistry at Niigata, Japan

Now, what about public policy? Do we need global cooperation to help the Bean Goose? What do you think?

Policies? See if you can come up with some policies. Perhaps this article will help you form some opinions. Policies are based on opinions based on facts known at the time the public policy is to be decided:

Post your, "treasures," in, "Comments," below.

More You-tube Goose (This time from Sweden):
Thank you. :-)
Hyemalis505 October 27, 2007 There are 20 000 bean geese that rest every year at lake östen, skövde, sweden. Thes are some, filmed 27 okt 2007 Category: Pets & Animals Tags: bean goose lake östen sweden birds
Thank you.Source information:
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iiukolov Anser albifrons, Белолобый гусь Anser fabalis, ...
Anser albifrons, Белолобый гусь, Anser fabalis, Гуменник. Category: Pets & Animals
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