Thursday, January 22, 2009

Keeping our Rivers and Wetland Woods

Science and politics overlap. History and the future are linked to the present through the overlap. For some, this overlap is the link needed to foster interest in science. Globally, rivers and wetland woods need attention. What can you do to help keep this global resource environmentally sound and sustainable? Plenty. Each of us can find at least one task we can accomplish toward the goal of sustainability.

The Hudson 1903

Maybe your role is getting involved in zoning. Maybe you are the one to save one wetland woods, to un-tile one children's ballpark so homes don't flood (Does the park have to be dry every day? Perhaps reading on a rainy day is better than flooding homes, for example). Maybe you can help save the Hudson River, or the Potomac, or the Yellow River, or the Wallkill? Maybe you can save the river nearest you!

Maybe you'll just save habitat, water, and, food for mushrooms or plants or animals (including people).

Perhaps you'll read a Beatrix Potter book to school children, or talk to them about Silent Spring. Maybe you'll share photographs from, "before the malls." You might take a child fishing or for a walk in the woods.

Maybe you'll be the one to change environmental impact studies so they include studying the natural environment (in addition to things like traffic patterns).

You might just be the one to create a documentary that changes the environment for the better because it reaches the hearts of so many people.

Perhaps just adding a comment here will inspire someone else, or, share just the needed tidbit of information.

Everyone can do something toward a sustainable Earth. Reflecting on our rivers and wetland woods and our roles in preserving them, and on the politics involved in preserving them, benefits everyone. I'll post a few items which might start such a reflection. Please feel free to add more by e-mailing them to me or adding them in the comments (by clicking, "Comments," below the post).


The National Trust

Beatrix Potter Resources

Rachel Carson (Silent Spring) Resources

Build our future (Our Stolen Future)

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