Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Science and World Leaders...

Once I went to a AAAS lecture where a Republican, or I should say, "formerly Republican," speaker looked at data in the United States on presidencies and science spending. Following his analysis of data, he became a Democrat. (If I locate the source of the talk, I will add it. But it was after 1971 and before 2002.) It could be very useful for global citizens to periodically do such an analysis in their own nations.

With the inauguration of President Obama yesterday there was much excitement. But one of the exciting ideas concerned science. It is especially great news that a nation will use the scientific knowledge-base and thinkers to assist in developing public policy. It is wonderful that there will be interest in scientific research again.

Any world leader has a huge task, but especially now, when there are financial issues and wars, and global warming, among other challenges, having a leader that respects science and understands the need for it is a critical component of success.

I do think that basic science knowledge is needed by all citizens, but, especially by world leaders.

I wish the new President well as he joins other world leaders in alleviating problems and building peace and prosperity.

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