Wednesday, January 28, 2009

International Biology Education Information

Dear Dr. J [... and readers...],
You can see the documentary [photographs] of
AABE 22 in the bottom of the following webpages.

AABE (Asian Association for Biology Education)

(The 22nd Biennial Conference of
Asian Association for Biology Education)
Period: November 21-24, 2008.
Place: ANA Gate Tower Hotel, Osaka, Japan
Joint support:SBSEJ(The Society of Biological
Sciences Education of Japan)
Photo of ANA Gate Tower Hotel and A Ferric Wheel
Photo of All participants of AABE 22
Photographs of AABE 22 (an eve.)
Photographs of AABE 22 (The first day)
Photographs of AABE 22 (The second day)

Please enjoy memorial photos of AABE 22.

Sincerely yours,
Mitsuo Saitoh
The Society of Practical Education in Biology

Saitoh Institute for Biology Education

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