Sunday, October 11, 2009

Amazing Body Types: Some just let you breathe in the beauty!

You are outside. The weather is just perfect. You look about and you see them. There they are: the amazing body types. Ahhh! You breathe out and then inhale deeply, taking in the view.

Some have great surfaces, top and bottom! Their beauty shines through different colors and textures. Slender and slimming. You think of lettuce, or, maybe spinach, giving them their beauty. You know, leafy greens, some branching more than others. Slimming, indeed. Oooohhhh, foliose!

Some, I'm told, are fondly called, "Crusties." So thin, these beauties remind you of paint, blushing in all shades. Wow, crustose, indeed!
Then, the fruitful bounties. What joy seeing the fruticose quietly resting in the soft breeze. No rough edges, curvy, yet slender.

Then, some have lots of edges. They are white underneath, sporting colors on top. They aren't entire. Still, these, the squamulous, add to the beauty of the environment we have happened to find on the walk on this beautiful day.

In all that fresh air, I am reminded of a discussion in Paris found on a French language tape. A man is talking with his cab driver as they tour the sites. The passenger is reflecting on one thing, the driver another. " It went something like this:

" Eve Meunieur"
"Regard (Look), la Place de la Concorde."
" Eve Meunieur"

"La tour Eiffel. What do you think?"
" Petite"
"What? The Eiffel tower petite?"

" Eve Meunieur"
"Oh, I see, you're talking about Eve Meunier. Poor chap."

I return to the beauties surrounding me: Foliose, crustose, fruticose, squamulous. Thin, colorful, indicating clean air, the lichens draw our attention, if we are aware of their amazing body types.

Are we reflecting on the same thing?


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