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Family Time and Academic Success may require Making Family, too! What?

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Family Time and Academic Success may require Making Family, too! What?
Tips for Academic Success of our Children
Jul. 08, 2007 at 08:31am
Family time builds skills needed for life, including those
needed for academic
excellence. Time spent sharing values and ideas with your
children and other
relatives is time well spent. Whether you watch a Friday
night TV show (like
wrestling) and laugh while you discuss it, or write letters
back-and-forth between
Auntie and niece, whether you bake brownies or chocolate
chip cookies, whether it
having a coke with a foster mom, or a talk with Granddad,
read Alice in Wonderland
with a cousin, whether you have a game night, go bike riding or hiking together
and/or go worship together, spending family time conveys values that help build
necessary skills like listening, being attentive, self-confidence and self-direction. Plus it is fun. Children of families that spend such time together usually do well at school.
And, they have someone show up or call on parent-teacher night.

Conversely, children who lack that, "family time," often struggle to do well. The
ones that do, it seems to me, make their own family time. They find a mentor at
a store they frequent, or at a church, temple, or mosque, or at 4-H, Scouts or The
Boys and Girls Club, in the Police Athletic League, or an after-school program,
sport, or other youth activity. They typically make family to have family time
with. They succeed because they make their own way. They create their own enrichment,
visit the zoo and museums and botanical gardens. They do their homework without
being told. They make and are their own "family." They stay focused and succeed.
It can be done.

(c)2007 JSS Used with permission on TIBU by me.

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