Monday, October 26, 2009

Biotechnology: Buyer Beware

I was looking for botany professionals around Ajerogun, Nigeria and came across the following biotechnology course description:
"The Easy Way 101 ( CRN: 10023 )
"Only those big, stupid countries invest tons of money into biotechnology. We'll show you how to take their technology and sell it back to them. Ever received an email for Viagra or Propecia? It most likely came from one of our graduates. "
Here's the link information:
I am sure that this is some sort of hoax, but, it tells you, watch out!
As you read the course descriptions, you'll realize that these courses are teaching people hoaxes and scams. Please, watch out!
Other courses they offer are similar to this one:
"Texan Hickbilly Business Strategies 302 ( CRN: 95834 )

"We got a lot of them coming and going. With the price of oil and gasoline soaring in the United States, we now have more Texan oil diggers coming to Abuja than Texas has living in their own state. Once viewed as a threat to our economy and ways, we can now teach how to harness your energies to overpower these overweight Texan millionaires. From the classic gang jump to other less obvious tactics, you will quickly learn how to maintain a competitive advantage over these folks."

Here is another item they post:
"I never realized how easy it is to make money while sitting behind a computer and fax machine. You people were right on the money! Every day I sent between 10 to 50 million emails asking for people to help me transfer funds into their accounts so that one day I can live a happy and cheerful life like them. When they respond, I use my special training that I learned from University of Nigeria to make around $10,000 to $30,000 off each person willing to help. Good thing those British and Americans don't know about this business opportunity yet. I am ranking in the cash thanks to the University of Nigeria. Thanks again for such a wonderful program."
We all know we have to be careful on the web, and with junk mail. I hope these quotes from the listed website show you why. Please note there are good and bad people everywhere. Watch out for the tricksters.

Meanwhile, I have serious readers from Nigeria interested in learning botany.

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