Monday, October 22, 2012

Colors: Art, Science, Geometry, Technology

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Color can be used to engage students in science.  Here are some videos and ideas to get you started. or accessed on 22 October 2012 bring you to a video on mixing color with light.  Here it is:

A the idea of a color wheel was also presented in the above video.  Let's look at another view of that concept:
 Source:, Accessed 22 October 2012.

See how geometry comes into play here?

Another video links the traditional color wheel to a scientist.  Do you know which scientist?  Watch and find out.


Do you see ideas here that you can use to develop a lesson or group of lessons or provide tools for students to do their own exploration of science and color?  You can bridge from these ideas to animation or electronics or painting or chemistry or interior decorating and you can engage students in science.

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