Thursday, October 25, 2012

Writing Ideas- Women in Chemistry: Kudos to Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

 Eight exclusive web videos 
celebrating the contributions of 
extraordinary chemists:
The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
supports the Chemical Heritage Foundation's
Women in Chemistry series.

Source:  Accessed 25 Oct 2012

Here's the link:

Thank you to the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for supporting this educational chemistry series.

Have students write what they think chemists do, what kinds of careers they have, and have them name a chemist or two, or, tell who (what kind of person) is likely to become a chemist.  Then, watch the videos. Not all at once, but, over time.  After the videos, ask the students to write about the same points that they did before seeing the videos.  Bring out the first essays.  Have the students compare and contrast their before and after essays.  Feel free to post the essays here or to have the students write to the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation or the Chemical Heritage Foundation or both.

(c) 2012 J S Shipman

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