Monday, October 15, 2012

Don't miss this Algebra link sent in by a reader:

(To Dr. J, and, to readers)
Hi there!
Don't worry, this isn't really homework. I was checking out and I saw your page titled "Lab Exercise Link from Morrison Labs - Read about it." Here's the link in case you don't remember it: lot of teachers and students aren't aware of the free teaching resource videos and homework help tutorials that are available online. There is an awesome site called that covers all the subjects--and it's supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Check out some of our videos on algebra:
Here's the link. I was hoping that if you liked it, you wouldn't mind sharing it with your readers by mentioning it on your site. If math isn't your subject, also offers free help for science, history, government and more so maybe you would just like to recommend
Beth Pickett

Thanks so much, Beth.  I am sure our readers will enjoy improving their algebra skills here.  Math is critical to science literacy.

I found some things of interest.  Here is a sample of an open text book from the site (Note that I capitalized the S-es in the word Spanish, other than that, the links are quoted here and are just a sample of what is available.  Go to the original link for more details.  Report back here how ( Click  works for you.:

Unit 1 - Algebra—A New Angle

Lesson 1 - Algebra—What’s it all about?

Topic 1 - Algebra—Everyday and Extraordinary
Topic 1 - Algebra—Everyday and Extraordinary (Spanish)
Topic 2 - Algebra—Why and When
Topic 2 - Algebra—Why and When (Spanish)
Topic 3 - Algebra—Approaching Problems
Topic 3 - Algebra—Approaching Problems (Spanish)

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