Thursday, November 5, 2009

International Net

Internet becomes more international. Here's a brief quote (emphasis, mine...) and a link to more:
One Twitterer, Idir66, chose to note that, in some key ways, the Internet is still struggling after all these years to become a truly international phenomenon, pointing out that it's finally[...]
'opening up its address protocol to non-Latin scripts.'
That's right, the Internet Corporate for Assigned Names and Numbers agreed this week to let countries apply for Internet addresses that are entirely in their native languages. It's about time that the Internet truly belongs to the whole world, not just the Indo-European-speaking portion of it. More

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J said...

For teachers...some additional Google information: is a Google link to resources for teachers.

There is a workshop application at that site for becoming a Google-certified teacher...deadline Nov. 9, 2009.