Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ion Channels and Resting Potential in Neurons: A Tutorial

Review how ion channels are responsible for a voltage difference across the cell membrane or plasmalemma:.

Create a tool for studying the ideas presented in this tutorial. You can choose a method that you think will help you best retain the information (Different students might choose different methods.) Some ideas are:
  • Create a song
  • Do a drawing
  • Write a memory aid, a mnemonic device
  • Create a game
  • Choreograph a dance about voltage difference across cell membranes
  • Write an essay where you explain in your own words the concept of resting potentials in neurons
  • Create a tabbed booklet where each page is a bit longer than the previous page. Use each page to explain a different concept about resting potential. Label each tab to describe the step.
Think about how you learn:
In the tutorial, there was a step-through method and an animation. Did you use both methods? If not, try the one you didn't use. Now think about which method of tutorial helped you learn more. Why did you choose one method over the other? How can that help you learn other topics?

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