Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fun and Learning: Google Games---Seeking Top Performers for work...relating that to science and math education.

Here is a story about Google Games, a day of engineering- and math-heavy challenges. This particular story, by Wade Rousch, is about challenges that took place in 2008. It is about a recruiting method that can be adapted to science and math education. It is about the joy of learning. It is about being surrounded by others who want to learn and who learn recreationally.

Read the article here, then, think about what you can carry away from it to apply to science education situations.

Math team, chess teams, science fairs, bridge-building competitions and other venues blending learning and fun may foreshadow this type of recruiting. Do you feel joy from participants at these events? Do you feel joy from students in your science and math classes? Are your top students challenged? Are all students challenged at appropriate levels?

Do you remember finishing all the math exercises and science problems in the text books within the first two weeks of school because they were fun to do, and then being bored in class? Today, as a student, one can go to the internet and use Google (or other search engine) and find math and science challenges (For example, the MIT courses in the left hand column of this blog...). Neither work, nor, education, should hold people back from reaching their full potential, and being happy. Maybe we need a "Google Games," open to the whole public...pre-K through age 160+. Hmmm!

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