Saturday, November 21, 2009

Scotland uses Data to Enhance Science Literacy

"In the recent Trends in International Maths and Science Survey report, Scotland fared far worse in science than many western nations – at P5 level, only 51 per cent of pupils had teachers who considered themselves very well prepared to teach science. Prof Paterson said: 'This [consideration] is especially important because, with Curriculum for Excellence, they are being expected to lead the development of the curriculum.'" Read more...
Source: Fiona MacLeod. Accessed: 11-21-09.

But, wait... Some things are well done:

It is following current research trends and is so modern to use data to inform teaching. Scotland is headed in a very positive direction by using survey results to steer their teacher training. We can expect to see Scotland moving ahead in, "Maths and Sciences," very soon. Congratulations, teachers. I invite you to join this International cite , together with teachers from all over the world. We can all improve our science literacy through better science and math teacher training. Thank you for leading the way using data.

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