Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ten Tips for Science Fairs...AND...Can you volunteer to help with a Science Fair? A new Science Fair Idea!

Does your local school need people to volunteer to help with the science fair? Why not find out. Some school's don't have science fair's because there is only one teacher that is willing to do the work associated with science fair.

What can you do?

Are you a scientist? An artist? You can mentor a student.

A parent? Encourage your child to build on what he or she already knows.

What can you do?

A nurse or doctor? Could you explain aseptic technique to a class?

A detective? You might explain the process of elimination when looking at forensic clues.

What can you do?

Are you a chef? Explain how an understanding of microbiology is important to food safety in the kitchen and throughout a restaurant.

What can you do?

Important points to remember when working on science fair:
1. Children are naturally curious and make great, "scientists."
2. Follow all safety rules.
3. The student should keep a log book.
4. Does the student understand the value of a, "control," in a science experiment?
5. Scientists build on the work of others before them. Remember to fully cite all sources used. There are style manuals that help the student with citations. You might want to help if the student hasn't been exposed to the concept of citing works of others.
6. Even blogs and websites need to be cited. Where did the information come from?
7. Even grade school children can be exposed to refereed journal articles. The top winners usually use them.
8. Explore, but have fun, too.
9. Start early. Experiments typically take time.
10. The BSA website has lots of great ideas.

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