Thursday, February 25, 2010

Think about Web Archiving : Leaving an Historical Record.

Here is a post about Web Archiving in the UK. It is something to think about. The internet provides a vast medium where ideas expand in cyberspace, what seems infinitely. What if future generations could not access that information which is so much a part of our lives today.

I got a taste of that potential loss when decided to shut down. Suddenly thousands of posts were no longer accessible. The Web community who frequented this writing site was suddenly and abruptly dispersed with little organization about how to re-connect. Some of the developing authors have re-grouped, however, the "archive," of their previous works is not available. Try it: I know is a science literacy and science education website, however, loss of web archives would affect all of us, in every field.

Take a look at this article from the UK. Investigate what is going on in your nation. Talk up this idea, and take action to encourage web archiving. Sometimes news makes us remember how much information is available already (think of any recent scandal involving text messaging, e-mails, and other technology driven connections), yet, losing the vast "thinking and thought sharing," that occurs on the web would be a loss for future generations...though it is hard to imagine how they would have time to read it all. Think of that...web historians. Hmm! Meanwhile, enjoy the linked article (before it disappears.)

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