Thursday, February 25, 2010

What can a Single Layer of Cells Control?

Here's a quote from:

Can a single layer
of cells control
a leaf's size?

The role of epidermal cells in determining leaf size and shape

Ever looked carefully at the leaves on a plant and noticed their various sizes and shapes? Why are they different? What controls the size and shape of each individual leaf? Very little is known about the developmental control of leaf size and shape, and understanding the mechanisms behind this is a major issue in plant biology.

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American Journal of Botany
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Let's say that the title caught your eye and you start to wonder about leaf development. How could you learn more? Use the, "Reach ReadingTM," skills that you have developed, and, tell me the next step:




Did you say, "Read the inked article, jot down new vocabulary, look-up the definitions, then search for related articles...," or , something similar?

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